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TANGY TOMATO BHUJIA Comes with Fully Evolved Juicy Red Tomato Texture Attractive Red Juicy Shade , Appealing Smell & Ofcourse with its Tangy Sweet Tomato 75% & 25%Tangy Sour Taste. Its Taste has Possibility to Convert Your Energy Level from Low to High. WOW!.

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Tomata History :

Tomato Firstly Encountered with Humans in Western, Central, South America & Mexico. The Word Tomato comes from the Spanish Tomate Meaning ( Swelling Fruit ). 

Arrived In India :

Tomato came in India with the Portuguese explorers in 16th Century. Even Bengali People say Even Today Tomato as Bilti Begun meaning ( Foreign Eggplant ). Uttarakhand is One of the Main Producers of Tomato in India.

Tomato Uses :

It is Rich in Calcium, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium all are Essential Nutrients for an Human Body.

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