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Surti GATHIYA is Very Popular among all Age Group People because its Shape, Shade and Most important its Taste which Wins the Heart of all. It is Large Size Gathia like its One of Many Names Gajanan Gathiya. It is made with Ajwain ( Carom Seeds ), Little Quantity of TATA White Salt, Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ) and Gram Flour ( Pure Besan ) ofcourse all Ingredients are Mixed well at Proper Proportion & Cooked at Right Temperature in Groundnut Oil within a Specific Time. Special light weight NAMKEEN. WOW!

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Bade Gathiya Story :

Bade Gathiya is Pure Example of One of those Snacks which Came with Migrated Population from One Place to Another Place and after Migrated to New Place. According, to New Place Environment People performed Some Modifications on Original Snack & then Presented in Front of World. So, Now you can Understand How Bhavnagri Ganthiya Modified into Surti Ganthiya in Surat.

People Also know Its By Many Others Names:   

A. Bade Ganthiya  

B. Surti Gathia  

C. Phike Ganthiye  

D. Gajanan Gathiya

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