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SHAKHAR PAARE is Most Undecorated Snack by its Shape & Look with Constant Stable Demand among Customers makes it Curious. Let See, its Crust Look Tough but from the Innerlayer of Crust it is Soft That's why when you Take Whole Piece in Your Mouth and Suck it that's time, You Enjoy its Plain Sweet with Slight Salty Taste & after, Some time You would find that Thick Upper Layer Crust Shakarpara Totally, Dissolved With Saliva in Your Mouth Different Experience. Old days Snack which give New Memories.

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Shakar Pare Popularity : 

Shakar pare again One of the Oldest Known Snack in India. Especially in Northern India. Available Very Easily at Towns, Cities, Metro Cities infact, Villages too. All age Groups People Love to Eat it. Infact, in India We all Noticed Definitely, When Any Big Festival Coming Near Soon that time Our Mothers Made Many Varieties of Snacks & Sweets & in those Snacks Shakar Paare, Chakli & Khasta Mathri are Very Common. So, We can Understand the Popularity of these Famous Snacks Specially, Shakar Pare & Craving of Indians for this Fancy Snack .

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