Red Chili Potato Chips ( Laal Mirch Aaloo Wafers )

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RED CHILI POTATO CHIPS is Made by Raw POTATOES which are Specially Use for Making Chips and then take all those Raw Potatoes for Deep Fry in Groundnut-Oil ( Moongfali Tel ) & then Mix with Black Pepper ( Khadi Kali Mirch ), Cloves ( Laung Masala ), Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices which are Specially used in Fast ( Vrat ). Its Taste, Texture and Smell of Spices is Really Awesome!.

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Laal Mirch Aaloo Chips Especially for those Group of People Whom Love to Eat Spicy Food or Namkeen. Our Made Red Chili Potatoes Chips is not so much Spicy it is like Regular Spicy Wafer which Can have been Eaten by All Age Groups People, because We Researched & found Generally, People prefer Regular Spicy Chips than Too Much Spicy. 

Great Taste with Quality at Justify Price.


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