Ratlami Bhujia Sev

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RATLAMI BHUJIA is best combination of Taste & Texture. Two Different Origin of NAMKEEN in One Product. Means, Taste of Ratlami Sev with Texture of Rajasthani Bhujia. Great! Taste, Great! Texture, Crisp & Crunchy Nature.  

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Ratlami Bhujia Sev Ingredients:

Pure Gram Flour ( Besan ), Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ), Asafoetida ( Heeng ), White & Red Chili, Black Pepper ( Kali khadi Mirch ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices ( Masale ).


Fantastic! Combinations: 

Because of its Crunch & Crisp Nature, Delightful Medium Spicy Taste which is Neither Spicy nor Phika ( non spicy ). These Qualities of bhujia Makes Pair with all Types of Namkeens & Many other types of Famous Breakfasts & Lunches Like: Poha , Dahl-Chawal, Sandwiches, Bhel, Desi Pizza, Rajasthani Dahl-Batti actually, Numerous of Interesting Combinations Possible.

Its Individual Taste is also Heart Touching! Buy this Product Online Today!      


Many People know its by Many Others Names:

A. Poha Sev

B. Ujjayini Sev

C. Bhujia

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