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PUDINA SWEET TASTY has Crisp Masala Crust of Gram Flour (High Quality Besan ) on Fried Peanuts ( Moongfali ) in Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ) Which is Coated by Many Original Origin Indian Spices ( Khade Masale ) Along with Sugar Powder & Fresh Pudina Fried Leaves in Proper Manner on the Crust of TASTY. It Tastes Sweet with Sharp Pudina and Slightly Salty. Great! Texture Pudina Greeny Shade, Appealing Sweet Mint Odour & Ofcourse Lajawab Taste. Heart Says Once More!

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Pudina Tasty Story:

Ratlam is Place of Foody People. So, where Numbers of Foody People Live together there Experiments on Food are Very Common Pudina Mitha Tasty is One of Many Successful Experiments on Snacks. Actually, Spicy Tasty is Very Famous Across India infact, in Middle East Countries Too because of NRI's. So, We Noticed Need of Something Opposite to Spicy Tasty that's how Sweet Tasty Invented with Satisfactory Popular Authentic Pudina ( Mint ) Flavour .


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