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PALAK BHUJIA Comes with Charming Texture like Alluring Pudina Green Shade, Lajawab Smell & Ofcourse with its LAJIJ Spinach Taste. It is a 2nd Namkeen in our Products whose Taste, We can't explain. It is Totally Based on Individual Experience who Eats it. But, we 110% Gurantee you, You would be never Disappointed by its Taste. Fantastic! Taste. 

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Palak Word History

Palak English Name ( Spinach ) which Comes from Greek Word ( Spinche ) means a beautiful Women who Beloved to Hades ( God in Greek Mythology ). 

Why Does Spinach Important ? :

Rich in Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese, Folate all are Important for Human Body.

Used in Prevention of indigestion as Herbal Remedy.

Use at Bad Smell Breathing Time & Many other Uses.


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