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PRASADI PEDA is Overall Similar to MATHURA PEDA ( Dharwad Peda ) by Texture and Taste only One Property Makes a Difference between them that is { Size } If, you Love Mid-Small size sweet that time Prasadi Peda is Best Choice. It Comes More Number of Pieces in same weight in comparison to other Sweets that's Why People Called it Prasadi Peda Means, this Sweet Mostly Preferable in distribute as Prasad among Numbers of People at Cultural Programme like Temples & Bhajan Sandhya ( Show Devotion to God ). Really Guys Take it for Great! Taste and Quality. let’s enjoy it.

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People Also Know Its By Many Others Names:    

A. Chotta Pera  

B. Chuttan Pedha  

C. Brown Pede  

Its Popularity & Making Process Totally same as Mathura Perha Only Authentic Nariyal Powder Spreads On it for Garnishing.

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