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PINEAPPLE BHUJIA Comes with Delicious Pineapple Texture like Beautiful Yellowish Shade , Awesome Smell & Ofcourse with Sweet PINEAPPLE Taste. It is different type of Bhujia that has Power of Taste to Swing Your Bad Mood into Good Mood. Let’s try now.

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Pineapple History :

First Time Humans Saw Pineapple in South America many Centuries ago then Some Explorer From Europe Came South America & Saw this Beautiful Mouth Watering Fruit. So, they decided introduced to this New Type of Fruit infront of Royals whom belonged to Europe around 17 th Century & then Pineapple made Cultural Icon of Luxury in Europe that Time.

But, Pineapples in India Introduced by Portuguese in 16 th Century Before than Europe. 

Why Does Pineapple Important :

Pineapple is Resource of Energy, Calcium, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium & many More. These all Essential Nutrients for Humans. 

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