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MOONGH DAHL is One of the Most Eaten NAMKEEN. It is Light Classic type of Dahl in which Moongh Dahl, Black Pepper ( Khadi Kaali Mirch ), Tata White Salt, Himalayan Black Salt ( Kala Namak ), Asafoetida ( Heeng ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices are Combined in the Best Proportion which makes it Delicious!. It is Totally Based on Individual to Individual Different Experiences whose Eats it. That's Why We are Unable To Describe about its Taste. Let’s Feel AWESOME! EXPERIENCE.

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Moongh Dahl Popularity : 

Actually, this is Only Dahl which is Well known in an all Over India not for an Only of its Nutritional Qualities but also as Moongh Dahl Namkeen. It is Very Classic, Common & Popular Namkeen which is Eaten by All Class types of Peoples because of its Simple Texture & Maintain a Stable Tastes at Center in Line of 5 Universal Tastes : Sweet, Bitter, Spicy, Salty & Sour. 

That's why Everyone Loves Moongh Dahl.

May be Possible Moongh Dahl Known by different Names at Different Places. 

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