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It is Dry ready MINI SAMOSA ( Chotta Samosa ) Most Popular Fancy Snack in All Age Group People. It has Stuffing of Crushed Moongh Dahl Along with Many Original Origin Spices & Ingredients in Proper Ratio & it Tastes Khatta-Meetha with Little Spicy. You will definitely Fall in Love with it Whenever, you Eat it. Order Now!.

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Mini Samosa Story : 

Samosa is not an Only Word or Snack. It is an Emotion in India after the Tea. According to history Samosa invented by Persians around 10 or 11 Century and it Came in India with Mughals. Time to Time Experiments Done with Samosa & by this Experiments its Stuffings & Size Changes According By Societies & Culture but never See Any Changed in its Shape & this Shape Feature is Really, Recognizable . This Chotta Samosa is also a Successful Result of One of those Experiments Which are Ever Done with Samosa. This Chotta Samosa with Moongh Dahl Stuffing greatest feature is long Shell Life around 20 to 25 days Easily. And this Long Shell Life Feature is Not Found in Simply Fried Samosas with Aaloo ( Potato Stuffing ), Paneer Stuffing or Many others Stuffings. 

Successful & Too Much Demandable Namkeen Snack. Definitely, You should to Eat atleast One Time then Decide Will you Ever Order it again or Not. 

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