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MINI BHAKARWADI is come with Similar Taste of BHAKARWADI Only Two Properties are Different :  
1.) It is More Crunchy, 2.)  It is small in size than Bhakharwadi.

Ingredients are Totally Same as Bhakarwadi like Besan Rolls Stuffed with Delicious Sweet & Spicy Coconut Sticky filling. If, you want more number of pieces in same weight with comparison to others Fancy Snacks that time, MINI BHAKARWADI is Best Choice for You Our Friend.

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Mini Bhakarwadi Story :  

When Bhakarwadi became Famous among People that time Many of Namkeen or Snacks Lovers Noticed because of Bhakarwadi Medium large Size they Could not be Able to eat their Favourite Snack in Quantity So, Every Problem Comes with it Solution. One of Namkeen Businessmens from Maharashtra did Some Experiments with Size of Bhakarwadi & came with Successful output Result by which Size of Bhakarwadi Smalled but Taste & Stickiness are Same as Large Bhakarwadi.

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200 gms 73 ₹
400 gms 145 ₹
800 gms 289 ₹

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