Medium Spicy Mixture

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MEDIUM SPICY MIXTURE is Combination of Masala Spicy Papdi , Red Chili Peanuts , Black Pepper Peanuts , Masala Raita Boondi , Masoor Dahl , Khamand Kashmiri Sev , Plain Salty Papdi , Chana Spicy Dahl , Masala Tasty Along with More than Different ( 13 ) types of NAMKEEN. This Mixture has Medium Spicy Taste like its name ( 75% Spicy, 20% Meetha, 05% Plain Salted ) than other types of Mixture. If, anyone Love to Eat Medium Spicy Namkeen in Mixture form then, this Mixture is perfect choice for Them. ( READY TO EAT MIXTURE ).

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Make Your Own Mixture :

You Can also Make Your Own Choice Mixture with Any & Many Types of Namkeens Mix Together with the Use of RATANSHREEJI ( MAKE YOURSELF ) CATEGORY .     

Specially For :   

This Mixture Specially for Those Customers Whom Love Teekha ( Spicy ) Taste in Regular Manner but not so Much Teekha ( Spicy ). One of the Most Demanding Mixture. We Recommend Our Customers Personally this Mixture because of its Medium Spicy Taste & Mix-Up Various Tastes of Different Namkeen in One Packet. Buy Online Now!.  

Many People know its by Many Others Names:


A. Kam Tej Mixture

B. Kam teekho chawano

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