Mathura Peda ( Dharwad Peda )

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MATHURA PEDA ( Dharwad Peda ) is very famous in NORTH-INDIA as well as in SOUTH-INDIA Too & like its Beautiful Cultural Name its Taste is also Much Delicious! and Texture is Approachable. If you love INDIAN TRADITIONAL SWEETS that Time MATHURA PEDA is at Top among Traditional Sweets.

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Dharwad Pera Popularity :

Dharwad Pera is well Known in South Indian States Mostly at Karnataka State as Mathura Peda in North, West & Central Indian States both are Same by Features Only Names Different. This Pedha has its Own Cultural Iconic Identity because of Mathura which is Birth Place of Lord Shri Krishna. Many Temples in Northern India give its as Prasad to Devotees. 

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