Matar Masala

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MATTAR MASALA is Famous for its Crunch Sound at the Eating Time with Its Hot Chili & Slightly Salty Taste in Good Manner. Combination of Best Quality Mattar ( Peas ), Red & White Chili Powder, Tata White Salt Along with Many Original Origin Spices ( Khade Masale ). Believe us, its Taste is much better than it Looks. let’s try it Now.

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Tags: matar masala , spicy matar , tej matar , chatpate mattar , harey , hare , pea , red , green pea , red pea
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Mattar Masala Popularity :

Mattar Masala One of the Oldest Namkeen Snack in Namkeen Industry. So, Much Popular in an all Over India infact, its Export Demand is also Very Well in UAE, US, Mexico. This snack is like which has been eaten by All & Everyone. May be Possible its name is Differents in Different Regions. 

Neither Too Much Spicy Nor Too Much Plain Salted . Its Taste is Regular & that's the Reason it has been Eaten By AllOne without Age or Taste Issue. Buy Now! Online.

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