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GARLIC GATHIYA is Larger, Crispy & More Spicy than Garlic Sev because, it is Ganthiya not Sev. If, You Love Spicy & Juicy Medium-Size Gathia with Organic Flavour of Khada Garlic then Your Search Ends Here because, Garlic Gathiya Exactly Like that.

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Garlic Gathiya Ingredients -:

It is Made With Proper Combination in Excellent Ratio of Gram Flour ( Pure Besan ), Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ), Pure Garlic ( Khada Lehsun ), Devil’s Dung ( Heeng ), Cloves ( Laung Masala ), Little Quantity of Sauf ( Fennel Seeds ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices ( MASALE ).

And, Note it Garlic Gathiya Ingredients are Same as Lahsun Sev Except ( Fennel Seeds ) & Soda but its Spices Mixing Ratio & Cooking Temperature in Groundnut Oil totally, Different than Garlic Laung Sev, Which Makes it Different at Many Aspects, than Garlic Laung Sev.

And, We give Guarantee you that RATAN श्रीजी Garlic Ganthiya Never Disappoints You by its Quality, Texture & Ofcourse Taste wise. Now, You Can also Buy its Online. 

Many People know its by Many Others Names:

A. Lehsun Gathiya

B. Tej Gathiya

C. Spicy Gathiya 

D. Laung Lehsun Gathiya


Infact, Many People also write Gathiya as Gathia or Ganthiya at Searching time.

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