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The LAYERS MIXTURE Comes with Different types of Namkeen in Many Layers. As You can See in the Photos. You can Choose Any type of Namkeen You Love and Decide in which Order to Place them. Please Read the following Paragraph and follow the Instruction.

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Make Your Own Mixture :

You Can also Make Your Own Choice Mixture with Any & Many Types of Namkeens Mix Together with the Use of RATANSHREEJI ( MAKE YOURSELF ) CATEGORY .  

Layers Mixture Story :

Once Upon a Time Our Regular Customer Shri Ramesh Bhai Patel wanted Various Types of Namkeens but in very small-small Quantity of each and All should have in Separate Packaging but due to Small Quantity Separate Packaging Not Possible of each & every Namkeen. So, we suggested him in General way to took all Namkeens in Mixture form in One Packet but he wanted to Taste Each of them Separately. That Time One of Our Family Members Discover this Layers Mixture to Satisfy Our Customers Different Type of Requirement in which you Can take Various Types of Namkeen in One Packet ofcourse, Separately. Buy Now! Online.

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