Khus Sweet Peanuts ( Poppy Seeds Peanuts )

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KHUS SWEET PEANUTS is made by Peanuts ( Moongfali ), Pudina Leaves which are Fried in Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ) & then Mixed Well with Poppy Seeds ( Khus khus ), Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices which are Specially used in Fast ( Vrat ). Its Taste is Medium Sweet and Little Salty with Flavour of Khus-Khus. This is a Different type of Product in Namkeen World, You will Definitely Enjoy it at Eating Time. Worthy Product.

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Khus Sweet Peanuts Story : 

Unique Product in Namkeen Industry & Use in Fasting ( Vrat ) makes it More valuable Namkeen. Generally, We See Fried Peanuts with Red Chili , Plain Salted , Black Pepper as Flavours. But, Once upon a Time One of Our Regular Customers Mr. Jaid Hussaini had Talked with us in Funny Way that he wants to eat Sweet Peanuts & that time We Sold Many Types of Sweet Namkeens in Wide Range but not in Peanuts Form by that Funny Talked with Mr. Hussaini Attracted our Attention towards of Need to Fill a Gap of Sweet Peanuts Type Namkeen & by this Incidence We discovered Sweet Peanuts with Pure Organic Seeds of Khus ( Poppy Seeds ) & Pudina Leaves. 

Hit Product always maintain its Demand in Market. We Suggest everyone to try atleast One time it will Never Disappoint your Expectations. Taste & Texture Both are Very Well. 


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