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KHATTA MEETHA MIXTURE is Combination of ( 13 ) Different Types of NAMKEEN. This Mixture has Little Sour and Sweet Taste. It Is the Only Mixture which Gives Sour & Sweet Taste Together and All Its Taste & Texture Depend On its Making Process in which Mixing of Original Origin Spices with All Ingredients in Proper Proportion By an Owner Himself. Great! Taste and Texture, Enjoy Each & Every Bite of Taste. ( READY TO EAT MIXTURE ).

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Make Your Own Mixture :

You Can also Make Your Own Choice Mixture with Any & Many Types of Namkeens Mix Together with the Use of RATANSHREEJI ( MAKE YOURSELF ) CATEGORY .  

Story of Khatta Meetha Mixture :

Ratlam is Place of Foody People & these Locales love each & every type of Universal Tastes like : Spicy, Sweet, Bitter, Sour & Salty. And, because of different types of Tastes Our Family Old Gaurd Shri Dinesh Ji Sharma noticed that Mixture Generally, Comes in Sweet or Plain Salty or Spicy Taste. But not a Single type of Mixture Comes with Two or More than Two Universal Tastes Together so, he did Some Experiments & Made Successful Mixture of Two Universal Tastes Together Sour, Sweet & Pinchy Salty & from the first day of Launched this Khatto Meetho Mixture Many Years Ago it has been Most Demanding Mixture by People of Ratlam.

Speciality :

It is not that Type of Mixture in which Different Individual Namkeen Mix with Another Different Individual Namkeen & Pack them all in One Packet. 

It is Special because for this Khatta Mitha Mixture all Types of Namkeens which are Use in it only Made for its. We don't sell them Individually.

Definitely, Worth Product which has its own Story.



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