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KHAMAND KASHMIRI SEV is One of the Most Khasta Sev. This Sev is Plain Salted by Taste & very Crispy by Nature. Khamand Kashmiri Sev is Used at Various Dishes like in Bhel, Khaman-Dhokla, Sandwiches to Enhance the Taste & Texture. Its Individual Tastes is also Very Good. AWESOME! NAMKEEN.  

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Kashmiri Khaman Sev Ingredients:

Pure Gram Flour ( Besan ), Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ), Filtered Water, and Tata White Salt. 

Making Process & Fantastic Combination:

Take these All Ingredients are in Fixed & Decided Ratio & Mixed all are in Hygienic Way & Lastly, Made Nylon Sev at Exact-Decided Temperature of Peanut Oil Not Less then 5℃ Not More then 5℃ in Comparison of Decided Temperature.

Indians love it Eating with Sandwiches, Khaman-Dhokla, Bhel ( Important Sev ), Dahi Pani-Puri, Palak Pakoda Chaat, Potato Chaat, Papdi Chaat & Ofcourse Individual also.

Classic Gujarati Namkeen Snack. People also Know its by Various Names in different regions of India Like -:

  • Tim Tim Sev
  • Khaman Sev
  • Special Bhel Sev
  • Sandwich Sev
  • Nylon Sev 
  • Peeli  Barik Sev
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