Garlic Laung Sev (Lehsun Sev)

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Spicy Garlic Laung Sev ( Lehsun Sev ) is Unique Sev because of its Special Garlic Taste which has been Prepared by premium Quality Spices & Raw Materials Mixed in Best Manner Ratio. Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Ratlami Sev & Namkeen.  

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Garlic Laung Sev Ingredients:

Pure Gram Flour ( Besan ), Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ), Pure Garlic ( Khada Lehsun ), Devil’s Dung ( Heeng ), Cloves ( Laung Masala ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices.       

Firstly, We Bought Fresh Garlics ( Khada Lehsun ) from Mandi of Fresh Vegetables. Then, We Removed the Outer Papery Layer ( Chhilka ) from all Garlics then, Crushed all Cloves of Garlics in Masal Dani & Made Authentic Organic Garlic Paste. Then Finally, Mixed Very Well Garlic Paste along with Raw Dough of Sev. That's how we made Garlic Sev Dough.

It's a Popular Fried and Crisp snack of Ratlam. The added Original & Organic flavour of Laung & Lehsun ( Garlic ) will surely leave you wanting more!

Fantastic Combinations:

Many Indians Make Sev-Saag ( Sev ki Sabji ) with Moti-Laung Sev and is Great.

But, our Friends Believe us Try atleast One-Time Sev-Saag which is made with Lehsun Sev ( Garlic Sev ) Definitely, You Will be Surprised by its Mind-Blowing Taste & Density of Saag ( Sabji / Bhaji ). Delicious!

You also have to try Garlic Laung Sev Mix with Masala Spicy Boondi and Eat that Combination with Chapatis Full of Desi Ghee. We bet you that you will Fall in Love with this Combination after Eating.

You have to try also lehsun sev with Chana Spicy Dahl and Squeeze Lemon ( nimbu ) on that and Mix with Cut Onion Small Pieces & Crunchy Papad then Eat. 

Its Individual Taste is Too Great! You can also Eat it without any Combination.

Many More Combinations Can be Made with Lehsun Sev.

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