Milky Sev ( Doodh Sev )

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MILKY SEV ( Doodh Sev ) is One of the Favourite Namkeen Among Childrens and Old Age People, because it's totally Non-Spicy Sev and No Need to Chew even a Single Bite Just Take it in the Mouth and Enjoy its Taste by Suck it. And you will find the Doodh Sev is Disappear in Mouth just in few Seconds.  

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Doodh Sev Ingredients:

Special Milky ( Doodh ) Sev is made of gram flour ( Besan ) which processed in Pure Milk & Mixed with Pinch Quantity of Ajwain ( Carom Seeds ).

Try this famous sev which is Made by Mixing of Doodh (milk) to give it a juicy feel. Doodh sev is like trilogy of Dairy , Namkeen & Spices World in One Product. 

Actually, it is a Creativity in Namkeen Industry. 

People Also Know Its by Many Others Names:

A. Phiki Sev

B. Ajwain Sev

C. Safed Sev

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800 gms 289 ₹

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