Delhi Spicy Chiwada

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DELHI SPICY Chiwada is Combination of Fried Cornfalkes, Peanuts ( Moongfali ), Khamand Kashmiri Sev , Masala Raita Boondi Along with Different ( 11 ) types of NAMKEEN with Original Origin SPICES ( Khade Masale ). This Chiwada has Beautiful Texture with Medium Spicy Taste & Crisp by Nature than other types of Mixture and Chiwada. ( READY TO EAT CHIWADA ).

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Make Your Own Mixture :

You Can also make your Own Choice Mixture with any & many Types of Namkeen with the help of RATANSHREEJI ( Make Yourself ) CATEGORY .     

Speciality :

Navratna Charkho Chiwado Specially Made for those People whom Want Charkha ( Spicy ) Taste Mixture or Chiwada Namkeen in their Eating Plate. And We Sure about this delhi Charkha mixture Never Disappoint Anyone. When You will Eat it One Time Definitely You will Want it Again! & Again!. Order Now Online.  

Many People know its by Many Others Names:

A. Navratna Charkha Mixture

B. Dry Fruits Spicy Mixture

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