Tangy Sweet Dahl Mott

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DAHL MOTT is great Combination of Khamand Kashmiri Sev & High Quality Fried Masoor Dahl in Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ) & Mixed Well with Devil's Dung ( Heeng ) Himalayan Black Salt ( Kala Namak ), Cloves ( Laung Masala ), Black Pepper ( Khadi Kali Mirch ) Along with Many More Original Origin Spices & Ingredients. Its Taste is Slightly Sweet, Slightly Sour & Slightly Salty. YUMMY! DAHL.

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Dahl Mott Popularity : 

Dahl Mott is Unique Namkeen in Category of DAHLS . It is Combination of Two different Categories Namkeen in One Bowl First Masoor Dahl & Second Khaman Kashmiri Sev. And its Other Speciality is it has 3 Universal Tastes Combination in Best Ratio of: Sweet, Sour & Salty. It is also used in Making Time of Many Mixtures. Dahl Mott has Less Popularity than Other Dahls Namkeen but Very Strong Loyal Customers Base whom always Order it When them Buy Namkeen Online or Offline. 

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