Coconut Filling Sticky Bhakharwadi

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BHAKHARWADI is One of the Most Famous GUJARATI & MAHARASTRIAN Snack which gets Love by Many INDIANS ofcourse, Specially by Gujarati & Marathi Community. It is Besan Rolls Stuffed with Delicious Sweet & Spicy Coconut Sticky filling. Believe us this Snack Really Good in Taste & Texture. It Tastes Plain, Sour and Sweet with some Sticky Characteristics when you eat it. It is fabulous and favourite of many INDIANS.

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Bhakharwadi Popularity: 

Bhakhar Comes from Bhakri & wadi Comes from Those Bhakri which Once rolled with Masala stuffing & cut & Fried it becomes Bhakharwadi. Basically, Invented in Gujarat ( Vadodara ) but did Many Much Experiments on Bhakarwadi in Maharastra ( Pune ). So, by this Two States Peoples Contribution Bhakarvadi has Famous & well Known in All Over India as Well as In Foreign Also because of NRI's.



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