Banana Phalahar Chiwada

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BANANA PHALAHAR CHIWADA Again, one More Successful Invention in Namkeen Industry. Made by Raw Bananas which are Specially Use for Making Bananas Chips or Bananas Crunchy Sticks. Then, Fry Raw Bananas Sticks in Groundnut Oil ( Moongfali Tel ) & Mixed Well with Dry Fruits, Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak ), Fried Plain Peanuts ( Moongfali ), Red Chili, Very Little Quantity of Sugar Powder for its Half Sweet Tangy Taste Along with Many More Ingredients & Original Origin Spices which Makes it Different Type of Chiwada. This Time Something Lajawaab!  

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Banana Chiwada :

As, We all know Banana is Cultural Iconic Fruit in Southern States of India, Mostly in Kerala ( Land of God ). And like Proper Food : Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Dosa etc are Famous & Very Well Acceptable in an All Over India just like Banana Chips & Chiwada is also Famous & Widely Acceptable in an All Over India. Infact, Banana has its Own Importance in Ceremonial Worship of Hindu deity including rituals & offerings. Banana has healthy Fruit Tag Also which is Recommended by Doctors to Maintain Calcium & Potassium Level in Human Body.   

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