Category Means Bunch of Products which are Shares their Main Characteristic Same.

Example : 

  1. Spicy Teekha Category ( All Products are Spicy Taste Wise )
  2. Dahls Category ( All Products are Made by Different-Different Dahls ) Dahls = Lentils.
  3. Flavours Category ( All Products are of Different-Different Flavours ) & So On.


At Present on RATAN SHREEJI 

We Divided Our All Individual Products in Total 9 Categories according to Their Characteristics & Others 3 are Purposal Categories 

Total = 12 Categories

9 Individual Products Categories are :

  1. Ratlami Sev
  2. Spicy-Teekha
  3. Mixture
  4. Upwas Special
  5. Dahls
  6. Fancy Snacks
  7. Moody Namkeen
  8. Flavours 
  9. Sweets

3 Purposal Categories are :

  1. Ratanshreeji ( Make Yourself )
  2. Combos of Combo
  3. Freestyles Mixings

Purposal Category Basically Made because to Complete a Subjective Purpose.




At Present RATAN SHREEJI Has 3 Purposal Categories.

Example :

  1. Ratanshreeji ( Make Yourself ) Category Purpose is Customers Can Also Get Mix their Favourite Namkeen or Snacks Online & Whom Love To Buy Varieties of Sweets in One Box like Multi Sweet Box definitely, Helps them in Choosing Sweets with Desire Weight as Customer Wants.

        2. Combos of Combo Category Purpose is Same Category Namkeen or Snacks & Sweets Come Together as Combo with Different-Different Variants, Pairs & their Individual Identities.

        3. Freestyles Mixings Category Purpose is Mix Same & Different Categories Namkeen & Snacks Together like a Mixture & Eat. So, Now You Get Ready to Eat Popular Mix Namkeen.