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We have Created this RATANSHREEJI ( MAKE YOURSELF ) CATEGORY because, We have Many Such Customers whom Love to Mix Same & Different Categories Namkeen & Snacks Together like a Mixture & Eat. Infact, They Love to Stand In front Mix the Namkeen or Snacks by their Choice Offline. So, Now by this Ratanshreeji ( Make Yourself ) Category's OPTION NAMKEEN through Our Customers Can Also Get Mix their Favourite Namkeen or Snacks Online also. 

We have Many Such Customers Whom Love To Buy Varieties of Sweets in One Box like Multi Sweets Box. This SWEET OPTION in Ratanshreeji ( Make Yourself ) Category definitely, Helps Our Respected Customers in Choosing Sweets with Desire Weight as them Want.

And, The Good Thing is that this Ratanshreeji ( MAKE YOURSELF ) Category type of Experiment has been Done First Time by Us in Namkeen Industry across World for Our Respected Customers Satisfaction.